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7 Worst Firearms in History Included in World War

After previously we wrote about 7 of the best Firearms ever made, this time it was our turn to strive to present an article about the 7 worst Firearms ever mass-produced in history. The criteria for planting a firearm in this group, are considerations about the quality, reliability, serenity, and utility of a firearm when one is made. And here are 7 worst firearms in history as quoted by Trigger Time:

Colt Revolving Rifles

This gun has a number of the most noticeable flaws. For all variants of this type, and there is a gas leak when firing at the front of the cylinder and a decrease in speed when at the snout. For multiple action variants, like a cylinder turn for each shot, the fuel tube tends to send hot gas to the shooter’s hand.

This weapon is ranked 10th in the line because the shortcomings are still quite comparable with the use of more firepower that these Colt Revolving Rifles have.


In 1960, it launched a hand-held rocket named Gyrojet. This weapon can fire 13mm rockets. Unlike other firearms, that the speed of the missile will increase after the projectile leaves the barrel. One of the main problems is that these weapons often do not have the power to kill at close range, and this is not good enough for a pistol. Sometimes the projectile falls from the end of the barrel rising after being fired.

Nock Volley Gun

The Volley Nock was once around 1780 and had 7 shots, 50 caliber bullets at the same time. This weapon is good enough to be used for bluffing and repelling in group warfare, but it is feared that the shells can crush the shooter’s shoulders. This weapon also tends to cause fires from the blast of its muzzle.

Cochran Revolvers

Perhaps among the firearms familiar in this arrangement, the Revolran Cochran has a cylinder that rotates horizontally. This means that each time we fire, you will have a spin when the bullet is aiming at you, and in certain circumstances, the bullet can also come towards you.

Nambu (94 Shiki Kenju)

This design gun from Japan was able to shoot as far as 8mm Taisho 14 rounds in World War II. This weapon is not powerful enough, complicated, rigid to use, and most unsafe. Since the eruption came from the side, this weapon will be easy to shoot itself accidentally. It is possible for a bullet to explode before it is fully in the direction of the barrel, and is felt to be more harmful to the user than the target.

Pepper Box Revolver

The revolver box revolver was used before the Colt revolver was invented. This gun is quite substantial because of many barrels, sometimes the whole shot will go off at once, and a chain shot can hurt someone’s wrist, sometimes it can explode, and many bullets are inaccurate. According to many witnesses, the very safe place when this gun was fired was right in front of it !!!


French production of light machine guns, which was the worst to the extent that the army was reported to have dumped them in the composition of the weapons for war. Issued around World War I, it was so shoddily created that the parts did not support each other.

The bullet holes in a rather large round cause dirt and mud to mix with bullets which causes congestion, creating such weapons is useless especially because they were used during a trench war laden with mud and dirt.

The main reason for planting Chauchat’s light machine guns in the top element as the worst weapon, because at that time there were so few variants of the machine guns that were created and suitable for use, but why did France still issue a useless rifle variant instead.