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4 Types of The Most Deadly Pistols with Extraordinary Power

A pistol is a short-barreled firearm that is lightweight, practical, and easy to carry. An ordinary pistol with a small caliber of bullets is deadly enough. But along with its development, many weapons manufacturers are competing to create a fantastic gun with a high level of destruction. No kidding, this gun uses a .50 caliber bullet that has extraordinary destructive power. Not only dangerous for the target, but the holder is also at risk of injury if not standard. Well, here are some types of pistols that have very deadly firepower.

Desert Eagle

Israeli firearms produced by the name Desert Eagle have exceptional firepower. Where if the gun, in general, can only penetrate the target, but contrary to this gun. Desert Eagle can penetrate targets while simultaneously creating destroyed targets, as quoted from The weight of this gun can reach 2 kg with a length of 30 cm. This gun has the firepower of 2000 joules which will produce a loud gunshot.

Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum

This gun looks contrary to other pistols in the muzzle element that rises longer than a normal weapon. The firepower on this gun is very deadly because it has the power to break down and explode like a Desert Eagle pistol. Because of its long snout, the accuracy of this gun is more accurate. Plus the speed of the bullets that hit can reach speeds of 632 meters per second, as quoted by Designed to use the most prominent weapons, this pistol is perfect for hunting in the forest. Read also: 7 Worst Firearms in History Included in World War.

Thunder 50 BMG

The pistol, which was predicted as a very powerful firearm, was created by a company from the United States to hunt. As quoted from, the most gripping of these weapons is the bullet that uses 50 BMG, which is commonly used by sniper rifles. Even a friend, of course, will not believe that this gun can provide damage to 15 thousand joules. That’s why this weapon uses a hydraulic system that will minimize a 20% recoil when a shooting takes place.


Raging Bull 454

Reporting from, the original pistol produced by the Taurus company located in Brazil can fire up to speeds of 580 meters per second. The energy released by this gun is no joke, up to 2700 joules. This gun was deliberately created for hunting and sports competitions. But there are many police in the world who use this spectacular weapon to fight crime.