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Here Are The Best Sniper In The World

How it works is quiet, but deadly. That is the work of snipers. In many parts of the world the names of sniper were as legend as the ‘80s pop musician.Usually, the sniper operates alone or in a team. This sniper shoots the enemy from a distance without knowing its location. Just like in gambling when a pro-poker player can defeat his opponent without knowing its hand. That’s why they have to learn the strategy first before entering the battlefield. You have to learn on any guide offered by many poker sites.

Here are series of legendary sniper names in following list:

Rob Furlong

The former Canadian military sharpshooter holds the record for being a sniper capable of shooting from the farthest distance, around 2.5 kilometers.

At that time Furlong joined the Canadian Army and served in the 3rd Battalion, Canadian Light Infantry Princess Patricia.

Rob Furlong was involved in the war in Afghanistan and Operation Anaconda in 2002. The greatness of Furlong’s gunfire was proven in Operation Anaconda.

In March 2002, Furlong participated in Operation Anaconda in the Valley of Shahi-Kot Afghanistan. At that time Furlong had a sniper team, they were MCpl. The McMeekin Team, MCpl. Arron Perry, and Corporal Dennis Eason.

Furlong’s marksmanship is seen when aiming opponents from a distance of 2,430 m. Although the first and second shots are missed, the third shot is right at the opponent’s body. The third shot simultaneously kills your opponent.

Craig Harrison

Harrison became the second sniper after Furlong. He can aim and shoot at an opponent’s target as far as 2,475 meters. This British soldier is famous for his military service in Afghanistan as a sniper, and British troops serving in Iraq and the Balkans.

His expertise is evident in the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban. In November 2009, Harrison attacked two Taliban machine guns in the south of Musa Qala, Helmand Province, Afghanistan at a distance of 2,475 meters. The attack used an L115A3 Long Range Rifle weapon.

Harrison took nine shots and scouted to find the target. Harrison can shoot precisely if the environmental conditions are perfect, there is no wind, good weather, and clear visibility.

Tatang Koswara

One member of the Indonesian National Army (TNI), Assistant First Lieutenant (Peltu) Inf Tatang Koswara became the 13th best sniper in the world. Tatang managed to knock out 49 opponents with 50 bullets during the war against Fretilin in operations in East Timor 1977-1978.

At that time, Tatang intentionally left 1 round. If caught, Tatang made sure he would shoot himself instead of falling in the hands of the opponent.

One of Tatang’s mainstay weapons is the Winchester model 70 rifle which he used when fighting in East Timor 39 years ago.

Tatang’s expertise began to be honed in the training of Captain Conway for 2 years. There they were trained to shoot snipers from a distance of 300, 600 and 900 meters. Not only Tatang, but this training was also carried out by other members of the Indonesian Army.

Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle is known as a Navy SEAL member of the United States Navy and sniper. Chris joined the Iraq War and contributed to the battle.

In his book, American Sniper, Kyle tells of having shot and killed rebel sniper who was aiming at members of the US military. The incident occurred in 2008 outside Sadr City, Iraq. Chris managed to shoot the rebels from a distance of 1,920 meters.

During shooting practice, Chris has four different weapons. The reason is to find out what weapons are most useful in certain situations. But for the field, he uses a semi-automatic sniper rifle 7.62 NATO Mk 11, 5.56 NATO Mk 12 Designs Marksman Rifle that has been modified.

Then 300 Winchester Magnum Accuracy International and .338 Lapua Magnum rifles were used for long-range shooting.