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7 Best Woman Soldiers in The World

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As we know in ancient times, only men prepared to fight on the battlefield in defense of their country. Not only soldiers who are trained, but also people join in and become volunteer fighters. And do you know? That there are also women, who become soldiers for the sake of defending and overcoming their beloved homeland. Here are 7 of the best female soldiers in the world:

Joan of Arc

It may be mentioned that Joan of Arc is a symbol of a French knight. She is a female warrior whose name has burst into the military world. She is a woman who fought directly with the British Forces to rediscover French land. He did not win a little battle with the French troops before her end. She was captured and sentenced to death in June 1456. But he was still felt like a holy woman as well as the most dominant female hero in France.


Jamila, whose full name is Djamila Bouhired, is a very famous female warrior in the world. She is an Algerian national fighter. Together with other Algerian students, she joined the Algerian National Liberation Front. Her struggle against the French occupation of Algeria was not merely through the Diplomacy, and she was active in the crossfire with French troops.

Margaret Corbin

Margaret Corbin is a woman who fought directly in the American Revolutionary War. At first, she was an ordinary woman, but her marriage to John Corbin in 1772 a warrior made her have to fight. They both tried together with hundreds of people trying to fight the British troops, especially at Fort Washington in Manhattan.

Cordelia E. Cook

Cordelia E. Cook served as an Army Nurse Corps around World War II and stood as the first woman to receive two awards for her actions around the war: the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. Cook was stationed in Italy and successfully carried out her duties as a nurse around the time of difficult battles and swarms of wounded and dying soldiers. He was in a direct fight while on duty to treat all wounded victims.

Elsie S. Ott

She is an American soldier who served as a flight nurse. Although she never received formal education in the aviation medical world, in fact, she was successful in caring for not a few US aviation forces. She also won the United States aviation medical medal for her active role in World War 2.


Oveta Culp Hobby

Hobby was the first woman in the army to find a US Army Distinguished service medal, a medal of greatness which was only handed over to the best United States soldiers. At first, she had only served in the editorial element, but because of her excitement, she was then successful in occupying a leading position in the military of the United States, and as soon as she found her medal of honor in 1945, she suddenly rose to the rank of colonel.

Loretta Walsh

Loretta is the first woman registered in the United States Navy in World War 1. The woman who was born on April 22, 1896, was one of the experienced naval warfare strategists who took part in the war against Germany on the Pacific front, her excitement in realizing a sea war strategy created Germany must lose five battleships.

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